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Adult education - requalification

If you are interested in educating yourself, whether you want to further your education or change your profession, you may, for example, register for a requalification course the completion of which may help you to increase your chances in acquiring a job which you will be satisfied with and which you will enjoy or where you will receive more money.

The list of requalification courses intermediated by the Labour Office (the last update in June 2020):

  • Barman (65-009-H)
  • Worker in engineering production (23-007-E) – district of Vyškov
  • Beautician (69-030-M)
  • Non-specified requalification under the Governmental Resolution No. 238/1991
  • Operator of a CNC machine tool (23-026-H)
  • Operator of a bush cutter (41-080-E) – district of Hodonín
  • Operator of a motor saw (41-079-E) – district of Hodonín
  • Operator of a personal computer
  • Chiropodist and nail designer (69-025-H)
  • Computer literacy in accordance with the syllabi of the ECDL Core (4 modules)
  • Computer literacy in accordance with the syllabi of the ECDL Core (5 modules)
  • Programmer of CNC machines
  • Preparation of warm meals (65-001-H)
  • Driver’s license in the “C” group – district of Znojmo
  • Warehouseman (66-02-H)
  • Complicated service to guests (65-008-H)
  • Guard (68-008-E)
  • Accounting and tax records (by using computers)
  • Maintenance of public greenery (41-033-E)
  • Make-up artist (69-035-M)
  • Basic course of welding with a coated electrode ZK 111 1.1
  • Basic course of welding with a melting electrode ZK 135 1.1
  • Basic course of welding with oxy-acetylene flame ZK 311 1.1
  • Basic course of welding with a stainless steel ZK 141 8
  • Basic course of aluminium welding ZK 141 21
  • Basic course of plastic welding ZK 15 P2 – district of Vyškov
  • Basics of personal computer operation
  • Basics of business activities

You shall apply for the intermediation of a requalification course at the Labour Office (https://www.uradprace.cz/)– “Interest in the chosen requalification of the applicant for employment – applicant for employment” (form)

Payment for the expenses of the requalification:
The Labour Office shall pay for the expenses of requalification (course fee) for an applicant or an applicant for employment if the Labour Office had recommended the person for the requalification and concludes a written agreement on requalification with him/her prior to the commencement of the requalification course.

If the applicant or the person interested in requalification does not complete the requalification for serious reasons or refuses to commence suitable employment corresponding to the newly acquired qualification, there is an obligation in the agreement on requalification that such a person shall pay the expenses for the requalification in full. There is no legal entitlement to the payment of expenses of the requalification and the expenses related to the requalification.

There are also private companies who offer requalification courses, such as:

  • Seduca Educational Agency – offering a qualification course for workers in social services – such as in Brno, duration: 150 hours, course price CZK 6,800
  • JCMM – Česká 166/11, 602 00 Brno, www.vzdelavanivsem.cz – a well-arranged portal with a varied offer of courses and further education throughout the South Moravia

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